Welcome to Macario Advantage!

Needed Items

Thank you in advance for supporting the Caribbean Islanders!

We currently have identified items needed to help with the continuation of programs that are helping the citizens of Caribbean Islands. What you can provide to meet these needs/opportunities will be greatly appreciated by the children and elderly that are being served by these facilities in Portsmouth area of Dominica. To donate your items, please contact us at info@macarioadvantage.org.

While we are currently working to meet the needs on the island of Dominica, Macario Advantage plans to expand its services to support programs for underprivileged citizens on various islands throughout the Eastern Caribbean.

Needed Items

Supplies will be used by 25 kids in 12 classrooms. Please Contact Us for more details.


  • 15 Medium Globes
  • 6 First Aid Kits-ANSI Compliant
  • 100 Reams of Copy Paper
  • 2 High Capacity Printers 220V
  • 1 High Capacity Copy Machine 220V


$55,000 USD
Cost to build a simple kitchen to prepare meals for school kids


$30,000 USD
Cost to build a covered shelter for school kids to eat lunch


$4,000 USD
Cost to add gravel to courtyard ground and repaint concrete on basketball court


$4,500 USD
Cost to add safety railing to stairs for kids to walk from school building to playground/park next door for recess without having to walk on busy street to get there street to get there


  • 2 High Capacity Copiers 220V
  • 2 High Capacity Printers 220V
  • 20 Computers for Technical Drawing 220V
  • 2 LCD Projectors 220V
  • 1 Public Address (PA) System – (4 speakers, 1 amplifier, 1 microphone)
  • 1 Power Washer 220V
  • 3 Gas Weed Eaters
  • 6 Fire Extinguishers


$300,000 USD
Cost to build pavilion for students and teachers during school convocations, ceremonies, PTA meetings, and other events

100 Picnic Benches

$27,500 USD
$275/Each USD – Sponsor a Bench (bench will be engraved with donor’s name)
Cost to build picnic benches for school students to eat lunch and sit during school convocation


  • 5 Dozen White Wash Cloths (100% High Quality Cotton)
  • 6 Dozen White Flat Full Size Bed Sheets
  • 15 Bed Mosquito Nets
  • 15 Chairs Suitable for Elderly to Sit in while eating
  • 15 Rolling Tables for Elderly to Eat on
  • Adult Diapers (Sizes Medium & Large)
  • 1 Large Heavy Duty Clothes Washer 220V
  • 1 Large Heavy Duty Clothes Dryer 220V


$1,000/Month USD
Funds to procure healthier food

Cleaning Supplies

$100/Month USD
Funds to purchase cleaning supplies


  • 4 Large Heavy Duty Stock Pots
  • 6 Heavy Duty Cooking Pans
  • 4 Folding Tables 6′
  • 30 Folding Chairs or Stackable White Chairs
  • 1 Large Refrigerator 220V
  • 1 Small Deep Freezer 220V


$7,000 USD
Replacement of the rotten wood beams and siding on building


$1,000/Month USD
Funds to procure food to prepare meals for elderly including those home bound

Passenger Van

Right Hand Drive/12-Persons
Transport mobile elderly to and from Lamb’s Feast facility

Playground Equipment

$20,000 USD
Purchase heavy duty playground equipment (swings, see-saw, jungle gym, slides)