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Upgrading and improving the facilities of local organizations. 

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We upgrade and improve the facilities of local operations throughout the Eastern Caribbean in order that they can operate more efficiently to better serve more people in need, thereby building the foundation for a better future for the whole community. Some of the facilities we assist include elementary schools, homeless shelters, elderly care living, abused youth centers, and the like, that form the cornerstone of many small communities and villages throughout the Eastern Caribbean islands.


Helping to rebuild local facilities after natural disasters 

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We help restore the facilities of local organizations after natural disasters in order that they can continue to assist people in need and help people who have generally lost everything. By restoring such facilities to operational standards, the local organizations can work better to ease suffering of islanders until conditions stabilize.


Assisting feeding programs operate more efficiently.

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We help kitchens of local organizations that have feeding programs keep their facilities fully operational, to operate more efficiently, and to ease the work of the volunteers and staff that prepare the meals. Meal programs in shelters and ‘meals on wheels’ programs help many children and elderly people to get at least one good meal each day.

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