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About Us

We are on a Mission to Address Poverty in Paradise!

​We work on the Eastern Caribbean islands to enhance the effectiveness of local organizations that serve the  youth, elderly, abandoned, dispossessed, and homeless. Our belief is that we can all work together to alleviate some of the suffering associated with poverty and help give people hope that they will see a brighter day.

Macario Advantage works to make a positive difference in the communities we serve to the glory and honor of God.

Macario Advantage is working hard to make a positive difference in this corner of the world using the skills and resources with which it has been blessed. We are actively involved in every project we support to ensure that we get positive, tangible results.

Our results confirm that we improve the future for Caribbean island communities!


Clair & Magoe

Clair and Magoe Menning

Magoe & Clair Menning

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