Now in it’s fifth year of working in the eastern Caribbean, Macario Advantage continues to serve the youth and elderly of the poorest islands.  We are so grateful to everyone that has helped to touch the lives of thousands of poor islanders who have benefited from the services provided that improved their quality of life.

In order to continue to provide services to the youth and elderly in these poor communities, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses like yourself. Macario Advantage is requesting your help to continue our humanitarian projects on these islands, as described below, by providing a financial donation. Your assistance will give hope for a brighter future to very poor and vulnerable people that otherwise don’t get any help and don’t see anything to be hopeful about.

Macario Advantage has assisted these people by upgrading the facilities and improving the operations of local organizations that provide aid and services to the youth and elderly. Projects have been completed in elderly care facilities, shelters for abused and abandoned youth, feeding facilties for homebound elderly, and elementary schools to name a few. Completed work on projects include repairing and upgrading plumbing, remodeling dilapidated kitchens and bathrooms, purchasing and installing new equipment and appliances, providing new equipment to laundry rooms, assisting in roofing repairs, repainting facilities inside and out, and distributing new clothing and other items of necessity to families that have nothing else to name a few.

Macario Advantage will continue to assist facilities that provide for the youth, homeless, and elderly. Projects to be completed on the island of Dominica for the 2019 season are:

  • Assist in restoring one school that lost its roof and nearly all of the building’s contents in Hurricane Maria. The school’s roof was repaired a few months ago. However the elementary school is still struggling to provide an adequate school environment to its students due to shortages in school furnishings, office equipment, and supplies for teachers and students.
  • Work with the Dominica Council for the Aging to upgrade services provided to the poor elderly. Homebound elderly are in need of diapers, wheelchairs, clothes, toiletries, and basic care items.

95% of the monies donated to Macario Advantage go directly to the purchase of materials and to hiring local services needed to complete the projects we undertake. To ensure that your donations are fruitful, all project work is closely supervised by leaders in our organization to ensure high quality and timely completion. We keep our donors informed of how their donations are used through our tri annual newsletters and individual communications. We get positive results and operate with full transparency.

 Your gift is extremely important because it offers immediate resources that are directed to current needs of the island communities we serve.

Remember that every donation makes a big difference. Please go to to help today as much as you can.

Thank you in advance for your support!