Volunteering is about giving additional meaning to your life as well as to that of those people that you help. We, as a team, have a real opportunity to add purpose to our own lives by working closely with the recipients of our volunteer efforts to make needed progress in important areas. Volunteering is also about the freedom and opportunity to do something that is really important to everyone involved, by being part of something larger than yourself. Regardless of your personal motivation, you will come to feel strongly that your volunteering is one of the most important things that you have ever done in your life.

Without a doubt, it is impossible for you to make the whole world a better place just by yourself, but you can make significant positive differences if your efforts are properly focused. Your volunteer work may include working on a project to solve a problem that holds other people back; or learning and teaching new skills to improve future prospects for others; or using your existing skills and interests to help others.

We are always looking for kindred spirits with a passion for helping others.  If you feel called to volunteer and help in our project efforts, please fill out the volunteer form. Once you are accepted, you can join us here in the Eastern Caribbean as many times as you desire to help with projects!

One of the most important things here at Macario Advantage is that we are hands on with every project from start to finish, and work with integrity.