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Our Project Work



Macario Advantage works on the islands in the Eastern Caribbean, from the US Virgin Islands in the north to Grenada in the south. Political conditions, poverty levels, and economic activity are the key factors that influence where we choose to focus our efforts. It is our goal to provide support in regions where children, elders and other islanders need help the most.

Macario Advantage only takes on projects we can successfully complete during our work season (January-May), as we have to leave the islands for hurricane season. All projects are carefully and fully monitored by Macario Advantage to ensure that resources are not wasted and work is completed to a high standard.


Macario Advantage’s approach to measuring project effectiveness for the projects we undertake is to:
1. Do rigorous quality control of the completed work to ensure that professional standards have been met;
2. Check that all work is 100% complete, or correct any deficiencies;
3. Confirm with the management of each facility that their expectations have been fully met;
4. Do a follow-up inspection one year later to confirm that the facility management has properly maintained everything we did, giving us confidence that what we did was meaningful;

Taking ownership and providing sustainability are the key factors that we strive to instill in the people in charge of the facilities we assist. We believe that this goal strengthens the local network of support, and that the people are then more involved in the upkeep of the work we provided. We strive to empower the people we help to be positive change agents!