Congratulations on the opening of the Roosevelt Douglas Primary School Library!

We at Macario Advantage truly believe that libraries are learning institutions were one can get a complete education and gain valuable knowledge without money.

May the library be a magical place where the children can be engaged with words and pictures to create memories that last for a life time. With a great selection of books contributed by Hands Across the Sea, the kids will be exposed to a world of stories and information to expand their imagination. This will be a huge benefit in the development of young minds, language skills, and improve their reading ability

We appreciate the parents and volunteers who assisted in the library makeover. We want to especially thank Dominica’s own master artist, Gabriel Dunstan, who used his God given talent to paint the artwork on the library walls.

May the library be the place where the students gather for the love of books.

Wishing You All the Best,

Magoe & Clair Menning
Co-Founders Macario Advantage