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Macario Advantage will use donations to upgrade the facilities of local non profit charitable organizations to improve their ability to serve local citizens in need. Your donations will help to buy food and building materials, improve the quality of life for the impoverished youth and elderly population, and give opportunities to the youth, offsetting negative temptations such as drugs and gangs.

Ways to Give


A financial gift is a simple and easy way for you to make an immediate impact on our mission. Please use either form below.

Funds donated to Macario Advantage go directly to supporting our projects and programs. We have no leases, loans, rents, debts, salaries or non-essential expenses. We are actively involved in every project we support to ensure that contributions are not wasted and that there are positive tangible results!

Gifts In Kind

Instead of you giving money to buy needed goods and services, you give the goods and services themselves. Examples of in-kind gifts include goods such as food, personal care items, furniture, new kitchen wares, and building materials.

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