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“Be The Change You Wish to See In The World.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Having visited the islands in the eastern Caribbean over the past years, we have observed that many of the people live in substandard conditions and suffer from lack of hope for a better future. Macario Advantage has been established to address the needs of the people in economic straits, to help them to improve their own lives, and to provide hope to youth that have grown up in difficult conditions.


Our services focus on community development, such as:

  • expand feeding programs for elementary school children whose parents cannot afford to send lunches to school (hungry children are not good learners)
  • expand feeding programs for elderly and youth that are undernourished
  • support non-profit establishments that serve the community in upgrading their facilities to better provide education, feeding/health care programs and outreach activities


What have we done in the past?

Macario is making an IMPACT – read our past newsletters

How have donations been used to make a positive difference?

Donations are used to buy food, building materials and services that are needed to put the activities listed above into action. These actions will improve the health of the impoverished youth and elderly that receive meals, will upgrade the living standards in poor homes and schools, and will provide opportunities to the youth that will offset the temptation to fall into drugs and gangs.

To the maximum extent possible, purchases will be made through local vendors and suppliers to further benefit members of the community. Some shipping costs will be incurred for items that can only be purchased abroad.

To make a donation go to our DONATION PAGE.

Where does my money go?

Macario Advantage is committed to transparency and has been awarded the Guidestar Gold Seal of Transparency in recognition thereof. Funds donated to Macario Advantage go directly to supporting our projects and programs. We have no leases, loans, rents, debts, salaries or non-essential expenses. All the projects we do are 100% completed and sustainable. We are hands on every project and help the local economy by hiring skilled local workers and buying local materials and supplies needed for the projects. We are actively involved in every project we support to ensure that your contributions are not wasted and that there are positive tangible results!

What will Macario Advantage be doing in the future?

We are constantly assessing new opportunities throughout the Eastern Caribbean chain of islands.  We will undertake the ones that prove to be feasible.


Serving as a volunteer for Macario Advantage will help us achieve our mission by aligning the needs of the Macario Advantage programs with the interests, skills and abilities of its volunteers.


Become a partner and help to make a world of difference in the lives of the people in the Eastern Caribbean by providing for their greatest needs. Check out the different ways you can support our initiatives.