Fear of the COVID-19 virus has unsettled everyone’s lives, with quarantines, social distancing, closed stores and offices, even loss of jobs. The news contains almost nothing else these days.

The people that Macario Advantage serve in the Eastern Caribbean islands are, if anything, even worse off than ever before. The Eastern Caribbean islands depend almost totally on tourism for income to keep their economies going. Now that sea ports and airports are closed, the tourist industry, including hotels, restaurants, and shops, is shut down. Without their support, the local facilities that serve the poor children and elderly may cease to provide care for those in need. Macario Advantage strongly requests that you add these people to your prayer list.

Please know that we will continue to do as much good as possible for these people. COVID-19 may temporary slow us down but will never stop the good that we do – today, tomorrow, and after the pandemic.